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Life with Jesus is Sweet

Have you ever seen a child’s face light up at the sight of sprinkles? Give them cake, and it’s a nice treat. Add sprinkles and it just jumped a thousand points on the awesomeness meter.


I’m a sprinkle lover myself. Everything’s better with sprinkles! Sometimes I add sprinkles to my children’s oatmeal, just to see their eyes brighten at the sight of something necessary turned suddenly sweet.

Coffee is a necessary staple in my life. I appreciate my coffee several times a day! On special occasions (or really bad days) I add sprinkles to it. I don’t need sprinkles to enjoy my coffee, but a swirl of whipped cream and sprinkles on top can make my whole day better.

Sprinkles aren’t necessary. They don’t add nutrition. They don’t fill up hungry bellies. They’re just extra. Extra isn’t necessary. Is it?


We are preparing to move to Central America and help a Christian orphanage full of kids whose needs are so basic it’s scary. Food. Clean clothes. Medical care. A safe place to sleep.

If those needs are met, we First Worlders are tempted to call it good, thinking, “That’s enough. It’s better than what they’re used to, so they’ll be happy.  Better is enough when they’re just trying to survive. Better IS extra.”

And while, yes, that’s somewhat true, I tend to politely disagree.

An abandoned little boy needs a bed and a roof over his head. He will be happy with that. It will be more than he’s used to. He will thank you for it. But what if you add sprinkles? What if you add clean sheets in his favorite color? What if you give him a fan to cool him while he sleeps? What if you fluff his pillow and tuck him in at night with a smile that says “You’re important to me”?


An orphaned little girl needs clean clothes and her hair brushed. Give her an old jean jumper and a comb and she will smile at you in appreciation. She will enjoy being taken care of because its more than she’s used to. But what if you add sprinkles? What if you make her her very own dress that has only belonged to her? What if you braid her hair and put a flower in it? What if you give her a hug and twirl her around and tell her she’s precious in God’s sight and yours?


Sprinkles aren’t necessary for life. But they are necessary for a sweet life.

My personal ministry plan in Honduras? Add sprinkles. Lots of them. Because every kid should know that a life filled with Jesus isn’t basic. It’s sweet.



16 thoughts on “Life with Jesus is Sweet

  1. Your thoughts touch my heart, Aleassa. God has been, is and will use you for His glory and the ‘betterment’ of many children in Honduras, even as He has used you to touch and bless many children and adults here. God bless.

  2. That made my morning. How precious! So excited for you and this amazing journey you’re taking. Cannot wait to see what God will do with you on Honduras.

  3. Aleassa, your heart can be heard through your words.What a challenge to each of us! Thank you for sharing. I am praying for your sweet family as you travel and raise support.

  4. We enjoyed reading words from your heart. What a blessing you and your family are to each of us at FBC. Marie and I have been to orphanages in several countries. The children always touch our hearts. Yes, they all certainly need the sprinkles in their lives. We have had the privilege of adding sprinkles, as we support some of these wonderful ministries to children. I have found children as I traveled preaching in different countries sleeping in ditches or under a bush, living in squalor with no parents or anyone else to take care of them. I have loved on them, fed them, help clothe them, and get them in a missionary’s children’s home. What your family has surrendered to do is wonderful and exciting. We supported three children I found sleeping in a dusty ditch until they were grown. At the time I found them, they were ages 3, 4, and 5, two brothers and their little sister. Today, the two boys are pastors and their sister is a pastor’s wife. They have beautiful families and are faithfully serving the Lord.
    Alessa, you and Adam are going to touch the lives of many children. How we need you in Honduras asap. We are praying that your every need will be met. May God bless your family abundantly.
    Love in Christ,
    The Fords – Eph. 3:20, 21

    1. Thank you so very much. What a beautiful and encouraging story of the children you found in the ditch. May God bless you and your family! Thank you for the prayers!

  5. I have just recently discovered your blog (thanks to Mrs. Birkholz), and all I can say about this post is just wow!! You have so beautifully put into words my heart. I didn’t know that was possible 🙂 It truly is simply the small things in life that make such a big difference! I LOVE that last line “Because every kid should know life filled with Jesus isn’t basic. It’s sweet.” Your love for the Lord is very apparent, and your blog has been both encouraging and challenging to me. Thank you for being so tender and sensitive to God. God bless!!

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