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Mission: 60 Dresses

In my last post, I touched on the subject of sprinkles–those little extras that make life sweeter. Extras like a little girl receiving a brand new dress just for her instead of a hand-me down. Hand-me downs are wonderful and a blessing and SO necessary. But something new? That’s adding sprinkles.

My daughter is pretty adventurous, but she still prefers her girly skirts and twirly dresses over pants. I love seeing her jump and run and spin and twirl in all of her beautiful little girly-ness.


With that in mind, I’m organizing a NEW Dress Drive for the girls of Hogar de Amor, the orphanage we will be moving to! There are around 40 girls between the ages of 2 and 14. I know that’s vague, I’m hoping to get an exact number to you within the next week.

I’ve had a lot of interest from ladies who enjoy sewing. It would be awesome to see at least a dozen ladies volunteer to make a sweet and simple dress or skirt.  If you don’t sew you can still be involved! If you would prefer to purchase a dress or skirt, that would be GREAT too. The main point is that it is something new. This is a great way to invest a little bit of your heart in some very sweet and very needy girls. In my next post, I will link to a blog that will introduce you to the girls you are sewing for!

Keep in mind, this is not a FANCY or EXPENSIVE Dress Drive. I know that’s tempting, especially with all of the Easter dresses out right now. What they really need is simple, every day type dresses that make them feel special but can still be played in and washed easily.

I’ve found a few patterns of very simple dresses or skirts to give you a general guideline to follow. Feel free to go with a different pattern if you feel more comfortable, but keep in mind that the girls at Hogar de Amor are required to wear sleeves and their skirts need to be below the knee. I really want to make sure that your gifts get worn, so please stay within these guidelines. 😉

To help you out, below I’ve posted pictures with links to their original sites and patterns. The top 2 are my personal favorite. They look very simple, but they are cute and comfortable, and have free tutorials. Those are the ones I’ll be doing. I’ve also included a few patterns you can purchase as direct downloads to your computer, as well as a few traditional patterns that can be purchased from any fabric store. Clicking on each picture will take you where you need to go. You can also visit my Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Like I said, these are just guidelines, so please feel free to to use a different pattern if you already have one or like something else better! I’m only including these for your convenience. Just keep it simple and within the orphanage’s rule of dress. 😉














IMG_7739Also, just an idea, if you’d rather purchase a dress, Walmart has cute and inexpensive summer dresses. Click on the pic if you’d like to see them!

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.40.05 PM


I CANNOT wait to see what everyone comes up with! For more information, please fill out the contact form below or visit the Coffee With Sprinkles Facebook page.


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