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We Have Sizes! (basically…)

Alright, ladies! We have a list of ages and sizes of the girls at Hogar de Amor for those of you who have been shopping or sewing! It is 14 pages and looks like this! Eeek! 20140403-154034.jpg

It took someone a lot of precious time to make and fax this list, for that I am very grateful!

I need to decipher it a bit, but will have a size list for you ASAP. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see my previous post about the New Dress Drive we are doing for the orphan girls at Hogar de Amor Children’s Home Honduras.

While you’re waiting for the list, would you like to meet some of the beautiful girls you are sewing or shopping for? Sarah Jones is an American young lady who lives at the home and takes care of many of them. She recently posted lots of photos on her blog, El Mayor Amor. Head over and take a look! hogaramorgirls

 As you think about these girls, please pray for them! Pray for their safety and health. Pray that they will learn to love the Lord, and grow up to serve Him. And pray that we can get there soon. Thank you!


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