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RESULTS of Mission: 60 Dresses

Mission: 60 Dresses was an amazing success! When I first set the goal of 60 new dresses I did a lot of second guessing.

“No way will that many brand-new dresses come in!” I thought. Well, I was wrong. My blog may be small and my talents few, but God is big and able.


10252068_636951063049914_5374096451391631054_n 10294382_631030713641949_3014036260555051122_n

A grand total of 170 brand-new dresses were sewed or purchased for the girls of Hogar de Amor as well as nearly 200 brand-new headbands and hair clips.

Adam visited the orphanage in June and took all of the donated items in 2 suitcases and a carry-on. Do you think he felt a little self-conscious traveling with all that girly stuff? 😉

He was not able to be there when the dresses were given out. However, a young lady who was visiting at the same time helped deliver them and was able to take some beautiful photos as well. She has generously given permission to share the photos with you–thank you to the lovely Amy for sharing her time and talent!

To all of the many, many people who donated their time, talents and finances for this project–THANK YOU! God bless each one of you for sweetening the lives of little girls in Honduras.







IMG_9900(above pic taken by Adam) 



10469067_659678040786266_1683377608908653180_o 10491355_659709644116439_5455312696411108855_o

_MG_9365And now, a little hint at our soon-to-be-announced new project!



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