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Mission: Head to Toe

Mission: 60 Dresses was all about the sprinkles! It was a great success, praise the Lord! Our next project to benefit the children of Hogar de Amor is a little bit coffee (necessary) and a little bit sprinkles (extra).


A wonderful church in Tennessee, who visits Honduras several times a year, visited the ministry this summer and realized ALL of the children are in need of shoes. They are heading up a shoe drive and will be taking these shoes with them when they visit again in November. They have requested good quality new shoes, if possible.


Crocs, sandals, flip flops and light-weight tennis shoes are all good choices. Now is the PERFECT time to find these types of shoes on clearance! According to the Hogar de Amor facebook page, ALL sizes from toddler up to size 7 in ladies and up to size 10 in men’s are needed.


The older boys also need work boots–it might be better to donate cash for them to purchase those in Honduras but I’ll find out for sure.


If you would like to donate shoes, let me know, either on here or through the Coffee With Sprinkles Facebook page, and I will give you an address to ship them to. You will be shipping them to an address in Tennessee.

Along with shoes, we will be doing something fun for the boys–a hat drive! Specifically, baseball hats. They love hats, they work and play out in the heat and/or rain all day and well, really, what boy doesn’t need a hat?


These also should be NEW. Other than that I have no guidelines. Obviously avoid any offensive phrases or obnoxious cartoon characters. 🙂


I will keep these projects going until October 15th! It would be amazing to see 100 hats and 100 pairs of shoes donated between now and then! I can’t wait to see what God is going to do!

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