A Tour of our Deputation Home

I fear I may have unwittingly given some of you the hilarious misconception that our deputation travels are a fairy-land of adventurous bliss, relaxing drives and scenic vistas. We have made (and are still making) tons of fun memories over the last few months! We are also 6 people sharing a bathroom the size of a pizza box and sleeping every night on rv mattresses that are about as comfortable as said pizza box.

So, in the interest of not accidentally influencing someone to sell their house, buy an RV and hit the road trying to capture this dream life of ours, this post is written to give you a small glimpse into our life on wheels. It is only a small glimpse because, well–there isn’t much to it. Please take this for what it is intended–a fun post by someone who loves her life and family but prays for abundant strength and grace to make it through every crazy and uncomfortable day. Much like you, probably.

Enjoy the tour!

First thing you see when you walk in the front door: our livingroom, kitchen, dining room and “master balcony suite” as Adam likes to call it. The upholstery and window treatments aren’t super-awesome, but I’ve chosen to just like them and be thankful our camper is a 2007, not a 1967.IMG_9275This ^ is what it looks like when it’s clean. And after I have spent 30 minutes trying to make the bed. (Its kind of like making a bunk bed. Except its completely surrounded by 3 walls and its a double. You know that meme with a t-rex trying to make a bed? That’s me every day.)

This is what it usually looks like ten three minutes after I clean. (Just keeping it real, folks.)


There are usually crumbs on my side of the bed because the 2-year old and toddler think its necessary to stroke the blankets and pillows while they eat.


We try and keep things as organized and neat as possible to avoid tripping over each other and going crazy!

IMG_0704_2 IMG_0706_2

Even with lots of organizing and planning though, it doesn’t take much for it to look like this next picture–especially on church days! 😉


We are so thankful that we found a bunkhouse trailer with 4 bunk beds–each child has their own bed!

IMG_9188 IMG_9186

I duct-taped pool noodles together under the fitted sheets for safety rails. They work great! IMG_9182 IMG_9189

Sometimes, our backyard is breathtakingly beautiful!

IMG_0401 IMG_0471

And sometimes, it is a Walmart parking lot.


We don’t have a TV, so we use the designated TV area for office and school supplies.


School, aka Little House Academy, takes place in the dining room and most of it usually happens during the little boys’ nap time.


The coffee station gets set up immediately upon arriving at our campsite.


It wouldn’t be home without it. 😉


We don’t have a lot, although it feels like we have way too much in this tiny house. But at the risk of sounding trite, we have each other. We have food and a roof over our heads that has only leaked on me once. We have fuel. We have friends and family all over the country praying for us and helping us. We have God, Who continues to direct our path. We have a truly miraculous life. How can we do anything but give thanks?


Curious about other missionary homes around the world? This post is linked up to the Baptist Missionary Women’s blog where you can find many more home tours, and they are much more interesting than this one!