Pirate Party for Max

For the first post in my Birthday series, I’m starting with Max’s 3rd birthday. A few months before each child’s birthday, I like to scroll through my Pinterest “Celebrate” board and ask them to point out their favorite cakes. Max has been pretty crazy about the Disney cartoon “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” for awhile now, so I wasn’t surprised that he liked all of the pirate cakes!

Living in the camper, there isn’t much room for a party. Our oven is very tiny, and there’s about 2 feet of counter space. Still–it’s important to me that birthdays are special no matter what. A crazy fear I have is that we’ll get to Honduras and be so overwhelmed by the changes and surroundings that we’ll end up skipping someone’s birthday. I don’t want my kids to remember the first year in Honduras as the year we skipped their birthday. I know, I know, I sound nuts–considering there are a lot more things I could be afraid of as I’m in the process of moving to one of the most dangerous and poverty-stricken countries in the world. I make no sense and I admit that, ha. But I figured, if I can’t even put a birthday party together in a camper, there’s no way I can do it in Honduras! I know, it still makes no sense to you, does it? 😛

Anyways. Max’s Party. I pinned some cakes I thought I could use as a starting point. (I rarely make any exact copies of anything I pin on Pinterest, only because I don’t usually have the same items on hand or the same skill level as the person who originally did it. It’s really just an inspiration board. A very large, amazing, wonderful inspiration board…why am I rambling so much on this post? Good grief! Get back to the pirate party, woman!)



I had a lot of fun making this cake. The trailer wasn’t level, so the cake came out crooked. This bugged me, but I decided it helped with the ocean effect. Right? You don’t have to answer that. I used my lack of smooth frosting skills to my advantage by shaping them into what (I hope) looked like waves.


The cupcakes were also fun to make. Cupcakes are my favorite. It’s hard to mess up a cupcake! I used brown food coloring and gold sprinkle dust to make the sand. Gold coins made the perfect pirate embellishment. They looked so cute on the first day! [Warning! On the second day, the brown had changed into an ugly pinkish color.]


I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to make a pirate ship out of a watermelon. I don’t even have a melon scooper. Or any kind of scooper! I’ve definitely never tried to carve anything out of fruit before. It wasn’t the easiest or prettiest thing I’ve ever done. But, it made a memorable statement and the kids thought it was really cool.


I want to mention that I didn’t spend a lot on this party. We only invited two guests, (grandparents) which obviously kept the cost down. I purchased cake ingredients/embellishments, food, a few party decorations from Hobby Lobby and the Party Store, and scrap book paper for the cake banner. If you’re ever wanting to throw a party on the cheap, buy scrap book paper! You can do a million things with pretty paper.

I bought a paper tablecloth, but it was way too big for our tiny table. I taped it up as a backdrop instead, which helped to hide the bed behind the table. I trimmed one side of the tablecloth off and used that as a table runner.


It wasn’t a huge party, but it took very little effort and we had a lot of fun!