Sunday Tea Party in the Little House

Well, the boys are all over and done with the chicken pox, but Lily and the rest of her ladies are quarantined for one more week. 

It has been five weeks since chicken pox first struck, and Lily has yet to show any sign of it, but we still have one week left in the incubation period. We’re at a missions conference right now, and bummed that the boys get to have all the fun without us. 

Lily doesn’t let things get to her for long, though. She figured that with the boys out of the house, it was the perfect time for a tea party. 

Her tea party toys are in storage, but she made do. Very creatively, I might add. 

Rolled up (clean) socks made surprisingly tasty donuts and waffles. 

Cupcake liners served as lovely little bowls. 

Of course, she firmly instructed everyone to watch church while they munched. 

We had a wonderful time, although it took all of my might not to laugh as she repeatedly kept calling me “Chap” in her best British accent. 

Oh, and just in case you were wondering what a stuffed cheetah might enjoy at a fancy tea party?

Antelope legs. Yes. Socks also make very tasty antelope legs.