Easter and a Birthday in the Little House

Our Lily was due on Easter Sunday, but she was born a few days early, on 4/5/06. This meant that this year, her birthday landed on Easter! She did not mind sharing her birthday with the holiday, in fact she was pretty thrilled about it.

To make the day special for her, we let her choose the food for Easter dinner. She asked for pineapple ham, deviled eggs, and raw carrots with no dip. She also surprised us by announcing that she would prefer Easter brownies over cake or cupcakes.

You would think that celebrating a holiday or birthday in a camper would be stressful. It does require a little more creativity, as well as a new level of tolerance for the mess that comes from celebrating in such a small space.However, we’re finding that this lifestyle makes simplicity a necessity, and honestly, we’ve realized that we prefer the simpler preparations over a more elaborate meal. Less cleanup, less headache, and more time just enjoying the day.

Our oven doesn’t work, and is too small to really cook in anyway. We bought a small cooked ham from Walmart, squeezed it into our rice cooker with canned pineapple rings on top, and set it on the “white rice” setting while we went to church.    The rice cooker automatically switches to “keep warm” after 45 minutes or so. It turned out great, and it smelled sooo good when we walked in the door!

  When we got back from church, I am not embarrassed to tell you that I filled up the electric kettle, quickly boiled some water, and mixed up a family size package of Idahoans Golden Butter mashed potatoes.

  The deviled eggs were done the night before. (The kids surprised me by peeling the eggs themselves.) 😉

  And just like that, dinner was ready. The whole meal took maybe 15 minutes to prepare–30 if you count the time spent on the eggs the night before. Definitely my kind of meal!


 Thankfully, it was a beautiful day to eat outside!

  I picked up brownies, marshmallow peeps, frosting, and Wilton decorative carrots from Walmart, and had way too much fun decorating Lily’s birthday brownie “cake.”


 At 9 years old, (wow, already!), Lily had outgrown the second-hand Disney Princess bike she’s had since she was 4. Thanks to some gift cards from a supporting church, we were able to purchase a brand new bike that she should be able to enjoy for a nice long time.

  She’s growing up so quickly. It’s a little heartbreaking to realize that she is already halfway to 18, but it sure is fun watching her grow up! Our little-big girl is so precious to us, and we cherish every day that God allows us to keep her for Him.