Memorial Day in the Little House

Today we celebrated Memorial Day in a nice little RV park in South Dakota. It was a little chilly and windy, but warm enough to play baseball outside with the neighbor kids and grill some brats for a Jarvis-style cookout.

  “Jarvis-style” means simple. Meat. A couple of easy sides. And a fun dessert.

Lily and I cooked corn on the cob in the rice cooker, while Adam watched the boys and grilled the brats.

For a fun patriotic dessert, we stacked angel food cake shells, and made two-layer strawberry shortcake. Or “tall-cake” as Lily called it. 😉  

They were super messy, quite melty, and really not very pretty, to be honest. We made six but only had time to photograph two of them, because they melted so quickly. Still, the kids oohed and ahhed over them as if they were the most Pinteresty of desserts, and they were delicious!  😄


The kids are getting older, so we made an extra effort this year to teach them about what really makes this a special day–that we are not only celebrating being free Americans, but we are celebrating the lives of those who have laid down their very lives for that freedom.

 I would have liked to have taken flowers to a VA cemetery, but since that wasn’t possible I incorporated flowers from a memorial wreath into our picnic and around the camper. 

 We are free by God’s grace, and by the blood of countless American soldiers.  

May we never forget and may we never take it lightly!

Have a blessed Memorial Day, and remember as you celebrate to pray for the families who have given their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers–for yours.