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Mission: 40 Little Things SO MANY UPDATES

Oh hi! Yes, we are still running Mission:40 Little Things, and yes, it is going SO GREAT. I’m going to take just a quick minute to share some items that have been donated in the last month or so. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the effort that is being put into this project!

So far, I’m told that we have:

40 Pillows along with many quilts, mattress pads, mattress protectors, and sheets, thanks to generous discounts given by Target, Kmart, and Meijer stores in the Detroit, MI area.

150 bottles of ProKids Probiotics donated by Hyperbiotics.

3 large bottles of shampoo and 9 bottles of conditioner to get rid of lice by Fairy Tales Hair Inc.

72 Tubes of Toothpaste donated by Dr. Cabot in West Bloomfield, MI and Dr. Shoha in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Several Spanish children’s books as well as games and craft items

Boxes full of Valentine’s decor, gift bags, school supplies, and various seasonal party decor


200+ hangers

Various Shoes & Clothing Items


3 Berkey Water Systems

Young Men’s Shirts & Socks

And more! 😀 

 I just wanted to encourage you all with the tremendous start we have to this project! Keep up the prayers and the good work, friends!

I will continue to keep you posted as more info comes in. If you have any questions about what this is all about, check out the original Mission: 40 Little Things Post!


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