Painted Fox Treasures

Have you heard of Painted Fox Treasures? If you like vintage, unique, farmhouse decor, you need to head over to their online store and check them out!


I follow them on Instagram, just because I love their fun sense of style and the decorating ideas I glean from their feed.

ย IMG_7089
Not too long ago, they held an Instagram contest in which the winner received a prize of their favorite wishlist item from the store.

And I won!

I couldn’t believe it! My favorite item since I first discovered PFt has always been their beautiful Eleanor Enamelware set. About once a week or so, I would click on their website just to sigh a little over those gorgeous robin’s egg blue dishes and to see if they were on sale or even still available.


For the last year, I’ve been collecting hard-to-break melamine and enamel dishes to take with us to the orphanage. Any time I see a pretty plate or cup on sale in the picnic aisle at Walmart or Target, I pick up 2 or 3. We plan on hosting lots of children in our home on a regular basis, but umm, glass dishes, tile floors, and kids don’t exactly make a winning combination.

(Unless you’re at one of those weddings where they break dishes on purpose, as part of the ceremony. I’ve never been to one, but I think that sounds crazy fun.)

Needless to say, I will be so thrilled to take these dishes to Honduras, and I CANNOT WAIT to use them and post photos of them being put to good use.

Thank you, Painted Fox!

All photos on this post belong to Painted Fox and link back to their page. I do not receive any kind of payment or product for this blog post, however, if anyone follows these links to Painted Fox and then makes a purchase, I do receive a commission.ย 


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  1. almost every one i know loves old antiques and i think God has us as an antique to be put somewhere to be looked upon for Him and be reconized for what and who we are.

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