Home Is Where…

Recently, on Instagram, I saw a hashtag game called “Move it Up Monday”, where you are supposed to find an old photo of a pretty spot in your house and repost it to inspire others in their home decor. I thought that sounded like fun, but as I searched through my photos, I realized I didn’t have any favorite pictures of decor to repost, because there are honestly no pretty spots in my little traveling home.

Discouragement and even guilt began to take over, but as I scrolled through the memories of the last 14 months of deputation, I realized something. I have a TON of pretty pictures of beautiful memories with my family, and most of them were taken–not inside a decorated home–but outside.  IMG_0870This was never my dream. I have always dreamed of a beautiful “home” in a quiet neighborhood or perhaps the country, living a peaceful and predictable life, making memories in a perfectly decorated house. But, God asked me to give that pretty dream back to Him, and when I did, He replaced it with beauty so much greater than I could have ever imagined.

IMG_0872I am not adventurous. I dreaded this time of travel and wandering. I feared the endless questions that hung over the unpredictable road before us like a fog. Letting God lead the way is hard! Letting Him take your dreams is hard!

IMG_1650But can I encourage you with this? Do. It. Anyway. You will not regret it. And then every once in awhile, when your heart is again full of questions and fears, look back at the road you’ve come.

IMG_8791You’ll see how He took those tiny dreams and replaced them with a work of art. You’ll see that you didn’t have to have all of the answers to all of your questions, because God already had everything written out.

IMG_1415As my family stands in a crossroads, looking back at deputation and looking forward to the mission field of Honduras, God has given me an unexplainable peace. He has taught me that “Home” isn’t a place with walls and a roof, a location on the map, or even a particular group of people.

IMG_1660Home is where God is. And wherever God is, there is beauty. He has taught me that if I keep following Him, I will find myself Home.


(Photos by Adam & Aleassa Jarvis. Please do not borrow without permission, thank you. ❤️)