First Blog Post from Honduras!

On the one hand, I can’t believe we have been here six months and this is my first blog post! On the other hand, it has been the craziest whirlwind of six months I have ever experienced. I have barely had time to breathe, let alone blog.

With that said… Hi! From Honduras! It’s beautiful here!


My time has been consumed with learning to clean like a pioneer woman, (ok, not that bad, but sometimes it feels like it), learning to grocery shop and home-school on the mission field, learning Spanish basically by immersion, trying to function in a half-finished house with no closets or dependable toilets, and answering the door 5,000 times a day while children and strangers stare at me through my windows while I eat. Culture shock is no joke, people.


There are roughly one hundred people living on our property right now. Most of them are under the age of eighteen and since my husband is currently in the process of completely taking charge of the Children’s Home, I am currently in the process of learning how to share him with one hundred other people whose needs are often far more pressing than “I could really use a shower and the kids have been driving me crazy since 5:30 am!”


I am also learning to deal with wanting to do so much for so many people while also wanting to do so much for my own not-so-little family while only being one person with only so many hours in a day. The days begin early here, they are often long, and yet–there is still never enough time to do everything that I want to do in any given day.


So for now, although I want so badly to blog on a consistent basis, and there are so many, many, many things I want to write about every day, I will have to settle for a few snippets here and there as I find five minutes in between diaper changes or dishes washed.


The biggest thing I am learning right now is to let God lead my day and give me the strength and time to accomplish what he wants me to, even if what he has planned for the day isn’t necessarily on my to-do list. It isn’t an easy thing to learn, you know?

On that note, I need to go answer my door. 😉 But I’ll be back as often as I can!


p/s I don’t think I’ve ever been to Vermont.