A Long Silence 

The truth is, life became so chaotically busy and hard, that the right words to share just wouldn’t come. Maybe you, too, have been in a place that was so full of beauty but yet so intensely painful all at the same time. You want to share the beauty because it is breathtaking, but it is outlined in a pain that steals your voice as well. If so, you will understand the long silence on this blog. 

I did write, a lot, and maybe someday the things I wrote can be edited and shaped in a way that can be shared. However, now is not that time, and I don’t know—there may never be a time when God gives me the peace or the go-ahead to do that.

I would like to share a little glimpse with you, though, at what God taught me through it all. How can I not share some of those lessons?
The next post or two will be that glimpse, and possibly a few more will be scattered through the blog in the future.

But for the most part I’d like to redirect this blog back to its original heartbeat: pointing my readers to Jesus and the sweetness that is found in any basic life lived in service to him; to introduce you to opportunities to share his love with others; to encourage each other to live out that pure religion and un-defiled; to shower the basic and mundane and necessary with handfuls and bucketfuls and truckloads of sprinkles.

And most of all—to show a hurting and disillusioned world that a life filled with Jesus is never just basic. It’s sweet.