You Are Loved

On a day when many will wake up feeling especially loved, when many will wake up feeling especially lonely, and when many will wake up just the same as any other day in February—there is, you might say, a Valentine for everyone.

A Rose.

A Gift.

A Love Letter.

A Promise.

A Jewel of Great Price.

A marriage proposal.

True Love.

A Love more profound and powerful than the sea.

A Love that goes far beyond feelings, and looks far beyond faults.

A Love that covers sins of scarlet and never sees them again.

A Love that is gentle. Kind. Patient. Humble. Content. Sacrificial. Serving. Truthful. Unfailing. Hopeful. Enduring.

This Love turns orphans into sons and daughters. It turns ugly into beautiful. It turns lonely into family. It turns darkness into light. It turns weeping into laughter.

It takes a heart of cold, hard stone and makes it beat again.

It makes alive the dead.

This Love is offered to each and every person on this earth. We need only accept it. Call upon Jesus. He is waiting to give it to you at the very instant you ask! It is free to you though it cost him everything.

And if you have received this gift of True Love—share it. Shower it everywhere. Toss it in handfuls like rose petals on a wedding day.

If Love is symbolized by a rose, then you have been gifted with armfuls of perfect red roses to give to everyone you meet. Give them away and give them away and give them away, and never assume that there is someone who doesn’t need one because such a person does not exist.

A life may have much to say, opinions to share, adventures to photograph, beauty to advertise, talents galore, success to boast of, work to perform, and wealth abundant—but without True Love—it is nothing.

My life is either an empty noise that fades away or it is a love song. Self produces noise. Christ in me produces Love.

There is a Valentine offered to you today, and there is a Valentine for you to give today.

You. Are. Loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day 🌹

“Search we the whole universe for love in its most glorious displays? It is to be found in the person and the cross of Christ.”

(Matthew Henry’s Commentary on 1 John)


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