The Christian Lady’s Short & Simple Guide to a Total Closet Clean-out and Style Makeover

(This is a repost from a post I wrote for the Encouragement From Women Who’ve Been There Facebook page.)

Colossians 3:1-17

What should a Christian lady wear and not wear? As Christians we are called to be set apart. Distinct. Beautiful lights that can be easily identified in the darkness.

How do we do this? What should we wear that will point others to our Savior and away from ourselves? With so many different opinions and preferences out there, how is a Christian supposed to *really* know what to wear that will easily identify them as a child of God?

If we limit it to physical preferences, it can be quite confusing, discouraging, and pride-inducing. We humans have an amazing gift for complicating things!

Thankfully, we have God’s Word and the Holy Spirit to keep things simple for us.

Colossians 3 gives us some simple and clear guidelines on what each of us as Christians should be purging and splurging on to keep our appearance pleasing to the Lord and drawing all eyes to Him.

So what do we need to do first?

First, it says to clean out our closet. Verses 8 and 9 tell us what to put off, or get rid of. Anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, lying, dirty talk, gossip, pride…it all needs to go. Get rid of all that clutter and ugliness. You may be surprised at how much real estate it has been taking up in your closet. Don’t donate it to someone else, either. Nobody needs that old junk anymore than they need your great-grandma’s pea green polyester pantsuit. Throw it all away. Put everything in the burn pile.

Next, go on a shopping spree in God’s Word and fill your closet back up with beautiful clothing that will never go out of style. The Bible is amazing. It’s like you have an unlimited gift card to every “style” and “outfit” you will ever need or want. Go shopping every day! The amazing thing about this gift card is it never expires and it is never depleted. The more you spend, the more you have.

Verses 12 through 15 tell us exactly what we need to fill up our closets with. Mercy, humility, kindness, truth, patience, peace, thankfulness, and love are the beautiful investment pieces that will always be in style, will be practical for every situation, and will point all eyes to Jesus. You can only get these beautiful and shining garments from the Holy Spirit, so spend ample time with him every day!

Don’t forget about the jewelry. Accessories can often make or break any outfit. Proverbs 3 tells us that wisdom creates an ornament of grace on our necks and a crown of glory on our heads. In 1 Peter 3 we see that a meek and quiet spirit is one of the most important and valuable accessories we can wear.

Lastly, utilize your personal stylist. Often, if left to figure out what wear on my own, or how to wear it, my style can be lacking. I appear sloppy, mismatched, dated, overdressed, or underdressed. I need help! Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your choices for each day and situation. He will clothe you in a manner that is perfectly suited for every occasion. Not only that, every outfit will be tailor-made to uniquely fit you!

When we focus on the spiritual clothing described here in Colossians, we spend less time focused on ourselves, less time focused on our physical appearance, less time worried about the clothing choices others may be making, and more time simply reflecting the beauty and image of Christ. If we go back to I Peter 3, we are reminded that our physical apparel says very little about us in comparison to our spiritual clothing (or lack thereof—how embarrassing!)

Daily Tip: If we concern ourselves with the appearance of our hearts to God, and ask the Holy Spirit to clothe us each day—it will be obvious who we belong to because we will look just like Him. How beautiful!

(Disclaimer: No great-grandmothers’ polyester pantsuits were harmed in the writing of this post).