Roosters Can’t Tell Time Here

The sudden silence of the fan wakes me up. A well-worn phrase runs through my still-asleep brain—“Power’s out.”

A rooster crows. I check the clock. Two a.m. Roosters can’t tell time here.

The heat grows heavy without the circulation of the fan. The breeze sleeps and the sea is quiet.

I kick my feet out from under the sheets and wait for a scream of fear from my youngest. He’s afraid of the dark. Maybe the power will come back before he gets too hot and wakes up. I get my flashlight ready just in case.

My mind wanders to the day ahead. The sun and everyone else will be awake in three or less hours.

Bagels and juice for breakfast. School all morning. Baleadas for lunch. The floor needs mopped. Do we have cookies for Bible club? Chapter ten of the lesson book still needs translated for today. What was that noise? I don’t want to know. I can’t forget to soak the beans for supper. Do we have onions?

The rooster crows again. Sshhh!

I pray for the day ahead.

I pray for safety.

I pray for my family.

I pray that many children will come to Club today.

I pray for the teachers and students at school.

I pray that the power will be on in time to make coffee this morning.

I pray that the rooster will jump into the sea.

Two a.m. prayers can be grouchy.

A soft breeze begins to stir. A wave crashes against the rocks. I roll over and start to drift off.

Suddenly, a “beep!” and then the “whrrrrr” of the fan. As I fall asleep, a well-worn phrase runs through my brain– “Power’s back.”