Just a Sec

Hi, I’m Aleassa, and sometimes, I write on a very little blog called Coffee With Sprinkles. I haven’t shared on it in awhile, and I thought I would take just a sec to share my current thought process.

This has been a year of quiet and stillness in my life. Not an easy year, by any stretch of the imagination, but quiet. In the quiet I have found myself analyzing and evaluating e. v. e. r. y. t. h. i. n. g. Including blogging.

I guess you could say that Coffee With Sprinkles is going through an extended identity crisis as I work through some why’s and what’s.

Why do I want to write?

Why do I have a blog?

What do I want to share?

What is my purpose?

What does God really want me to share?

What is the best medium to share my words?

Are my words even necessary in today’s noisy, opinionated, cluttered online world?

Why should anyone listen to me?

What is the point, anyway?

As I have observed blogs move away from journaling and become primarily platforms in which bloggers are now “content creators” to sell ideas and promote products to consumers, I’ve really been doing a lot of soul searching.

I know that I do not want add to the noise. I know that I don’t want to “brand” myself. I know that I don’t want to “create content” for consumers. I know that I don’t want to be a product. I know that in a “10 Steps to Know Everything” world—I don’t really know that much. I know that people don’t need more opinions or expertise.

I know that I want to really LIVE the life God has given me—not live my life for the sake of creating content for others to consume and compare their own lives to. (I have nothing against today’s bloggers or blog content. I love and follow many. I just know that I want something different for my life.)

I also know that the reason I began CwS is still there, but life, experience, and God’s hand have all taken that reason and shaped it into a driving force that is so much deeper and fuller than my original intent.

What I don’t know is if the passion God has been growing in my heart still fits into the blog as it currently is. To be honest, I feel that CwS actually fits into something much bigger. But what—I just don’t know yet.

Thank you, friends, for allowing me a moment of transparency, and for sticking with me as I continue to work this out in my head and heart.