Why Not?

I read recently that November is Defend the Orphan month. The Bible is very clear that we are always to defend the fatherless. So what exactly does the word “defend” mean? The 1828 dictionary defines it this way:

“To drive back a foe or danger…to protect by opposition or resistance; to support or maintain; to prevent from being injured, or destroyed.

To vindicate; to assert; to uphold; to maintain uninjured, by force or by argument…to defend rights and privileges; to defend reputation.

To secure against attacks or evil; to fortify against danger or violence…”

As a church…are we “defending” the fatherless?

Are we standing up for them?

Protecting from injury or harm?

Driving evil away?

Using our voices to speak out against those who hurt them?

Fortifying against violence?

If we aren’t doing that, then we have to ask ourselves…why not?

Are they not worth it?

Is God not worthy of our obedience?

Were we more deserving of help or defense than them?

Is something or someone else more important?

Survival of the fittest?

It’s easier for me if I pretend they don’t need defended?

Christ has given us, the church, this responsibility, and isn’t it fitting, considering the fact that we were once orphans ourselves?

But more than a responsibility, it is a privilege and an honor.

My heart hurts today for so many voiceless children who have nobody to defend them.

My heart also hurts for those who have been given the chance to defend them, but have refused to do it.

I believe God will ask us all this question one day: “Why not?”

Psalm 82:3-4 | Psalm 68:5-6 |