Reflecting on 2018 “52 Weeks of Stillness”

In many ways, the year has flown by, and in others, it seemed quite long. Can anyone else relate?

I focused on “Stillness” this year, and it was a year of quiet, healing, introspection, reading, study, and rest. (Except when it wasn’t.)

God so graciously gave me a brightly-cushioned front row seat of the most spectacular sea view for one year, and I soaked that beauty into my tired, aching heart as often as possible. The sound of crashing waves and the sights of magnificent ships, fishermen in their tiny canoes, and dolphins leaping in the sunset will be gifts I will cherish forever.

We had our struggles, illnesses, and frustrations, but we also made some truly wonderful memories as a family. Children’s Church ministry, Bible Clubs, and teaching responsibilities challenged, stretched, and taught us. Our relationships with each other have grown stronger and healthier. The hurts of the previous couple of years have faded into scars that are not so jagged and raw. My walk with the Lord has steadied. Our children are showing signs of thriving.

We have moved into a cute little casita in town now, and I admit that I do occasionally miss my view of the Sea. But it has been a good move for us, and we all love our safe and pretty neighborhood, complete with a little playground, green grass, and a real sidewalk to walk our dog, Freckles.

I had a goal of reading 52 books, and I also had a goal of reviewing them as I went along.

I didn’t do so great a job at keeping up with the reviews, but I am so happy to share that I DID complete my reading goal.

I read a grand total of 55 books!

There were a few times (like when we were moving) throughout the year where I did not make it a priority to read as much, others when I just got lazy, and others where I couldn’t stop reading.

I tried to give myself grace with this goal. It was a challenge to remember that I was reading for the joy and goodness of it, and to not race through each book just so I could check it off the list.

(By the way, Adam unofficially took the challenge as well, and he passed me waaaay up with a grand total of 72!)

Overall, I loved this challenge and I will be doing something similar for 2019.

My 52 weeks of Stillness were truly a gift and I am thankful for them.

And now I am ready to get up and get moving! Being still has been good, but it isn’t healthy to sit still too long!

Adam and I have been praying over many dreams, ideas, projects, and goals for the next couple of years. We are anticipating a full, productive year of growing and flourishing in this place that God has planted us in, and we also have a blog project we have been talking over together—one that I am super excited to see develop.

I also have some pretty sweet ideas taking shape in this Coffee-with-Sprinkles-shaped corner of my world. I’ve been praying, mulling, and questioning for some time now the direction that this blog wants to go in, and I believe that I finally know what it is.

Things happens a little slowly here on my island, but in due time, I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

For now, I simply want to say thank you to all of you have who followed along in my quiet journey this year. You have each been a blessing to me with your comments, prayers, and words of encouragement.

I pray that no matter what your journey was like in 2018, that your new year will bring peace, blessing, and new mercies each day as you walk with your Savior.

May your 2019 be filled with bright hope.