Review of A Favorite Floral Maxi Dress

This is different than my usual content, but I received so many kind comments on this dress I wore on Easter Sunday that I thought it would be fun to share the details for you on where to find it, as well as my honest thoughts about it. ⁣

⁣For a detailed review, click here to check out the highlight reel on my Instagram Stories. ⁣


⁣In summary, this dress is definitely one of my favorites. ⁣

It hits all of the points to make it a great dress for me: ⁣

⁣•faux wrap dress (always a win!)⁣

•maxi that doesn’t drag on the ground⁣


•low maintenance⁣

•just makes me feel pretty!

There is only one negative point to it, which I share in my stories, so be sure and watch my full review if you’re considering it for yourself! But for the most part I absolutely love it, and have my eye on a few more from this seller as well.⁣

If you want to check it out for yourself, here is my Amazon affiliate link!