Simplicity Parenting Book Review

I’m currently reading (via audiobook) Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne & Lisa M. Ross, which I heard highly recommended by Emily Ley of the Simplified Planner. ⁣

I admire a lot of Emily Ley’s gracious approach to life and organization, as well as her books, so I was excited to see that this book was available through my library Overdrive app. ⁣

⁣I do have some mixed feelings about this book, but I definitely love the thought process behind it and I wholeheartedly agree with the overall theme. ⁣

⁣Simplicity Parenting spends the first couple of chapters laying the framework of the idea that today’s over-scheduled, overstimulated children are overwhelmed by the plethora of choices and sensory overload in our consumer-driven society. ⁣

⁣The author, who worked with child trauma victims in war torn countries, compares the behaviors of these children suffering from PTSD to the behaviors of regular middle class children living in the first world, and sees remarkable similarities. ⁣

⁣The remainder of the book is filled with practical strategies and tips for creating a secure, predictable environment that runs on “rhythms” to foster a sense of peace, calm, and family identity in the home. ⁣

⁣There are many anecdotal stories included throughout the book which keeps it an interesting read. ⁣

⁣This is not a Christian book, and there are some secular ideas and a few political opinions sprinkled throughout which I found a little irritating. I did not agree with everything in the book, however, I actually believe it makes a good companion book to Sally Clarkson’s book, The Life-Giving Home. ⁣

⁣If you are an overwhelmed or simplicity-seeking parent looking for a book that helps you take the idea of cultivating simple, life-giving rhythms into your home while giving you plenty of inspiration and practical ways to get started, you will probably find Simplicity Parenting to be very helpful and enjoyable. ⁣

⁣(P/S I first started reading this book via Kindle, but had a hard time getting into it, so I decided to give the audiobook a try instead, and have found it a much more enjoyable read. Once I made it to chapter 3 where all of the practical stuff is, I began to enjoy it more.)

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