Dream in Color

At least 20 years—that’s how long it took between the time Joseph dreamed his dreams and the time God brought those dreams to pass.

I wonder if he ever asked God why he gave him those dreams at all.

I wonder if he was tempted, at times, to despise those dreams, as he sat year after year in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

I wonder if resentment threatened to bubble up inside him when he watched his cellmate’s dream come true.

I wonder if the colors of his dreams ever faded into dim memories, or if he gripped them tightly like a torch—a source of vivid light and hope in the darkness of the pit and the prison.

God gave him the dreams, but he didn’t reveal to him the journey it would take to see those dreams realized. To anyone with common sense, it would seem that people and circumstance had destroyed all hope that they would ever come true.

He couldn’t know that the treachery, the despair, the abandonment, the lies, the trauma, the pain, the pit, and the prison were not destroying the dream—they were the dream!

Without all the hurt, there would have been no dream come true.

Maybe you are in a season of waiting right now. Perhaps, in your waiting, there is heartache or silence.

Maybe God has put something in your heart—a dream, or a burden, or a promise—and you are wondering why he doesn’t seem to make it happen. You’ve waited so long, and it seems as if God doesn’t move.

If so, you are not alone.

I think of other dreamers in the Bible who waited.

Noah. Abraham. Sarah. Jacob. Hannah. Moses. Joshua. Caleb. David.

Even Jesus Christ himself is waiting for the day when his Father says, “Son, go get your Bride!”

In the waiting, keep on dreaming. Let the dream God has given you fill your heart with a vivid, bright, and colorful hope that cannot be extinguished by pit, prison, or pain.

That hope is what faith is made of.

And it is that faith, be it ever so small, that God can use to take a dreamer out of prison and set him in a palace.