My name is Aleassa. I am a missionary’s wife and mother of 4, learning as I go. I like to make unlovely things lovely, a small reflection of what Christ can do for each of us.
Our family is moving to Honduras to help an established orphanage, plant churches and disciple believers. Follow our journey into this poverty-stricken world of unlimited beauty and potential. I believe any dwelling can be made home, any brokenness can be made whole, and any life can be made sweet when transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. Even in a third-world country. Especially in a third-world country.

My original blog post, “Necessary Sprinkles“, shares my motivation behind this blog. Please check it out to truly understand the heart of Coffee With Sprinkles!

You can visit our ministry website at theadamjarvisfamily.com.

I previously authored the blog Observations of an Amateur Housewife.


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  1. i am so glad God has led you all to Honduras. I hope many kids will accept Jesus as there SAVIOR.I am praying for all of you and the kids in Honduras. Coffee with sprinkles is a wonderful sight. GOD works in many live when we never know

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