If you are new around here, my name is Aleassa. I’m married to my amazing husband, Adam, and we have 4 sweet and crazy kids.

We are missionaries working with children in a church plant, on an island in Central America.
Books, coffee, bright colors, Scripture, home, and fresh perspective are among a few of my favorite things. ⁣⁣I enjoy reading, writing, creating, and sharing words and visuals which are inspired by past and present seasons of our life.⁣
This blog started as a way for me to share our journey and to raise awareness for orphan ministry projects; it has gone through various changes, moods, and philosophies over the last few years, but the heart behind it remains the same: to see people through the eyes of Jesus, to love with excellence, to live with intention, and to celebrate the gifts of life and beauty that God has given us.⁣

Coffee With Sprinkles has big dreams! Its biggest dream is be used as a means of supporting best-practice orphan care here in Central America. I hope you will follow along!

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You can also visit our ministry website at theadamjarvisfamily.com.