My name is Aleassa. Through the crazy journey that the Lord has led us on, I live on an island in the Caribbean with my missionary husband and 4 children. My skills include the ability to survive 6 days (but that’s my limit so far) in sweltering heat without electricity or running water, chasing off tarantulas, and sleeping through the neighbor’s insomniac roosters, hyperactive dogs, lonely pig, and blaring Dolly Parton CD’s all at the same time. I love my family, coffee, amateur iPhone photography, creative home decor, baking pretty things, and funny cat videos.

We came to Honduras to work with the orphaned and vulnerable children of this needy country. Follow our journey into a poverty-stricken world of unlimited beauty and potential. I believe any dwelling can be made home, any brokenness can be made whole, and any life can be made sweet when transformed by the love of Jesus Christ. Even in a third-world country. Especially in a third-world country.

My heart’s desire for this blog is to taste and see that the Lord is good, to delight in him and magnify his name, and to encourage and plead with my sisters and brothers in Christ to lift up our eyes to the mission field around us, to lift up the fallen to the Healer, to defend the poor and fatherless, and to truly love God and our neighbors with a love that makes “the things of earth grow strangely dim.”

Psalm 34 | Psalm 37 | John 4:35 | Ecclesiastes 4:10 | Hebrews 12:12 | Psalm 82:3,4 | Proverbs 31:8-9 | Matthew 22:37-40


My original blog post, “Life with Jesus is Sweet“, shares the motivation behind this blog.

You can visit our ministry website at theadamjarvisfamily.com.


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  1. i am so glad God has led you all to Honduras. I hope many kids will accept Jesus as there SAVIOR.I am praying for all of you and the kids in Honduras. Coffee with sprinkles is a wonderful sight. GOD works in many live when we never know

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