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The Dirty Truth of Missions

By dirty I mean dirt. And mud. And stinky smells. So much of it! Everywhere! In my house. On my floors. All over my children. I have never faced so much dirt on a daily basis or at such an extreme level. RV life had nothing on Honduras. Dirt is everywhere, staring me in the face,… Continue reading The Dirty Truth of Missions

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Consider Yourself Called

We often hear and read that the most Biblical way to care for orphans on the mission field is church planting. We agree. Orphaned and abandoned children are a tragic result of sin. The Gospel is the answer to sin. More churches are desperately needed everywhere. No argument there.  (Matthew 4:23; Matt. 11:5; Mark 13:10;… Continue reading Consider Yourself Called

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Though No One Join…

A few nights ago, we sat in yet another unfamiliar church, but we were singing the familiar words to a well-loved hymn. I have decided to follow Jesus, I have decided to follow Jesus... We got to the last verse..."though no one join me, still I will follow..." and the words stood out to me… Continue reading Though No One Join…

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20/20 Vision

It's the strangest feeling--seeing things clearly for the first time. I've worn glasses since the second grade. I'll never forget the day I put them on. The world around me was completely overwhelming! I could suddenly see people's faces so vividly. I looked way up at the branches of the trees, which before had looked… Continue reading 20/20 Vision

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What’s Your Isaac?

We all have at least one. An Isaac. Something we hold onto so tightly that we might be willing to turn our backs on God if following Him meant losing it. Never mind that God is the one who gave it to us in the first place. I'll tell you mine. It can be summed… Continue reading What’s Your Isaac?