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Pirate Party for Max

For the first post in my Birthday series, I'm starting with Max's 3rd birthday. A few months before each child's birthday, I like to scroll through my Pinterest "Celebrate" board and ask them to point out their favorite cakes. Max has been pretty crazy about the Disney cartoon "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" for awhile now, so… Continue reading Pirate Party for Max

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Birthdays are for Celebrating

Birthdays are important, you know? I mean, what better way to tell someone "I'm glad you're alive" than to celebrate the day that he or she was born? It can be a lot of fun to throw an over-the-top birthday celebration with clever decorations and Pinterest-y food. (Frankly, I LOVE those kind of parties). But as… Continue reading Birthdays are for Celebrating

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The Way I See It

We call ourselves pro-life. But are we really? We say that life is precious. But do we believe it? We advocate and debate and share heartbreaking photos of the unborn on social media. We get angry about the murders of innocent children for reasons of inconvenience. And as followers of Christ, we should do all of… Continue reading The Way I See It

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Celebration Post for Mission: Head to Toe

Friends, I am so happy to tell you that we reached our goal for Mission: Head to Toe! So many people shopped, helped and donated. As a result, we ended up with 101 pairs of shoes and 116 hats! They were added to a container full of necessities being shipped to Honduras, and should arrive… Continue reading Celebration Post for Mission: Head to Toe

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The Battle Rages

The enemy’s voice isn’t a quiet whisper anymore. We’re nearer the front lines than ever, and it's louder here. Those once-subtle whispers of “You’ll never get good at this, will you?” and “Your kids deserve a better mommy” that I used to pray away in the privacy of my living room are now screamed incessantly… Continue reading The Battle Rages

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Mission: Head to Toe Update!

I have not forgotten about the blog or Mission: Head to Toe! This deputation life we're living has a way of throwing any kind of writing routine right out the car window. Meanwhile, Mission: Head to Toe is complete and I'm super thrilled to let you know that it was a success! There were a… Continue reading Mission: Head to Toe Update!

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A Tour of our Deputation Home

I fear I may have unwittingly given some of you the hilarious misconception that our deputation travels are a fairy-land of adventurous bliss, relaxing drives and scenic vistas. We have made (and are still making) tons of fun memories over the last few months! We are also 6 people sharing a bathroom the size of a pizza… Continue reading A Tour of our Deputation Home

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Mission: Head to Toe

Mission: 60 Dresses was all about the sprinkles! It was a great success, praise the Lord! Our next project to benefit the children of Hogar de Amor is a little bit coffee (necessary) and a little bit sprinkles (extra).A wonderful church in Tennessee, who visits Honduras several times a year, visited the ministry this summer… Continue reading Mission: Head to Toe

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RESULTS of Mission: 60 Dresses

Mission: 60 Dresses was an amazing success! When I first set the goal of 60 new dresses I did a lot of second guessing."No way will that many brand-new dresses come in!" I thought. Well, I was wrong. My blog may be small and my talents few, but God is big and able. A grand total… Continue reading RESULTS of Mission: 60 Dresses

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Butterfinger Cupcakes

For Adam's birthday this year, he got towed. But you can read about that here. This post is about the cupcakes I made to celebrate his 31 years. It's short. But sweet. 😉 His favorite candy is Butterfinger, so I baked yellow butter-recipe cupcakes and frosted them with chocolate supreme frosting. I crushed up a… Continue reading Butterfinger Cupcakes